14 January 2016

I Will NEVER Vote For Trump

Let's get a couple things straight - I will never, under any circumstances, vote for Donald Trump - ever.

I'm absolutely, 100% sick and tired of having to compromise my principles in a fruitless attempt to get the "win."

The only way to fix what ails this nation is with conservatism. Period.

Every single conservative has made the above statement time and time again for over eight years, which makes it beyond mind-bogglingly puzzling to me why so many conservatives have thrown their support behind Trump.

The man is not conservative. Not in any way, shape, manner, or form. He's in favor of big-government solutions for things like healthcare, he wants to tax the so-called "rich" more than they already are, has admitted to essentially buying off politicians - on both sides of the aisle - to get them to do what he wants, the "right" to choose to murder a reborn human being, gun control, and a whole host of other non-conservative thoughts and beliefs.

Republicans chose a big-government progressive with McCain and they lost to a guy nobody with half a brain thought could win. Then they chose another progressive with Romney and they lost despite King DingleBarry's abysmal record.

Despite those two humiliating defeats, Republicans retook control of Congress with historic landslide midterm wins. How? By running on conservatism. Yes, one can make the case that the Republicans haven't lived up to their promises, and I wouldn't argue the point - not even a little bit.

Stop and think about that for a second - the very idea of conservatism won us the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. Do you really think those were just coincidences? I don't. People are screaming out for change - a real change, not the crap King DingleBarry peddled in '08.

If we don't get off our collective conservative butts and support real conservatives, and soon, this nation is done for the foreseeable future - and it will be OUR FAULT.

I've thought about this at great length and I truly believe that Trump isn't the answer. With his views and beliefs, all he'll do is manage the decline instead of hastening it, as Hitlery will. If I'm going to bear witness to the death of that which I hold most dear, I'd rather she die quickly, proudly, than watching her waste away in an ignominious fade out.

Make no mistake - I do not want America to die and I will fight to my last breath to prevent it, but if die she must, let it be quickly.

The sooner she dies, the sooner she can be reborn the way the Founders envisioned her.

I'm voting for Ted Cruz because he's the only true conservative in the field and I believe his platform is what's right for this nation.